Ukraine and Qatar will establish Commission on cooperation

Ukraine and the State of Qatar intend to intensify the bilateral dialogue for development of trade and technical cooperation, by creating the Commission.


Mykola Azarov noted that Ukraine considers of the State of Qatar as a model of socio-economic progress in the middle East: «In a short period of time, this country has managed to become economically strong, politically influential player not only in the Gulf region, but in the Arab world in General». Ukraine also supports the proposition of opening the office of the Qatari investment authority in Ukraine.


The government formed the delegation headed by Alexey Perevezintsev to participate in negotiations with the leadership of Qatar. This was mentioned at the resolution # 57 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated January 29 published on the governmental portal. The resolution of the government approved a Directive of the ambassadors for negotiations with the Qatar delegation.

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