Daria Domracheva brings the first Olympic gold to Belarus

Belorussian biathlete won the pursuit race. Tora Berger from Norway was second to finish, bronze went to Slovenian Teja Gregorin.

The leader of Belarus team was ninth to start the pursuit race but managed to get ahead of competitors. Domrachava wasn’t even disturbed much by the miss on the fourth shooting range. At the podium, she will be joined by Norwegian Tora Berger and Teja Gregorin from Slovenia. For them, these are also the first medals at the Olympic Games in Sochi. Sprint champion Anastasiya Kuzmina of Slovakia is in sixth place.

Best of Ukrainians Valya Semerenko was second after the final firing line, but in the end took only fifth place. Her sister Vita Semerenko, a bronze medalist in the sprint, finished tenth.

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