Odessa region officials illegally leased out 520 hectares of forest land

In the Odessa region, officials of one of the district administrations illegally leased 521 hectares of forest land, reports press service of the Prosecutor's Office in Odessa region.

As notes the Prosecutor’s Office, land plot worth over UAH 18.5 million was illegally removed from the State Enterprise “Odessa forestry”.

Land was transferred to a company for a period of 49 years for construction projects that are not associated with forestry. At the same time, the designation of the land has not been changed.

Odessa regional prosecutor has now opened criminal proceedings under Part 3 of Article 365 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power or authority entailing grave consequences).

According to the Land Code of Ukraine, reallocation of state-owned land plots that are being constantly used, including over 10 ha plots of first-grade forests fall within competence of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

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