Kharkov plant will deliver equipment for brick production to Russia

According to its press-service, PJSC Kharkov Machine Building Plant Krasniy Oktyabr will deliver two presses for production of calcium-silicate bricks to the factory in Voronezh region (Russia).  New presses SMS-294 will be installed instead of obsolete presses SMS-152. The plant received prepayment according to the contract and proceeded to work with the order; the dispatch of the equipment is expected in the end of February.

The chairman of the supervisory council of Krasniy Oktyabr Vladimir Bilan noted that the overwhelming part of calcium-silicate bricks in all parts of the former USSR was produced on the turret punch presses SMS 816 and SMS 152.

"Our new machine SMS-294 is a technological successor of the previous models, but it has the principle of the two-stage-pressing: preliminary and basic, which allows to press the air out better and to increase durability of the goods. Other important innovations are the modern control system and the improved lubricating system," Bilan noted.

He informed that ten years ago during the construction boom there was a tendency to install hydraulic presses at the brick factories, but after the crisis the manufacturers again came back to the more familiar equipment.

"Hydraulic machines have a number of advantages if compared with the toggle-lever presses, but their disadvantages are the price and the high operating cost. And taking into consideration the fact that calcium-silicate bricks are inexpensive material, its cost should be minimal. That is why now there is a surge of interest to the machines SMS-294. Recently, we completed a similar upgrade at the plant in Ulyanovsk, and hold a number of negotiations," Bilan said.

Krasniy Oktyabr delivers the goods to the plants that manufacture bricks and ceramic units with the capacity 15-120 million bricks a year. The geography of supplies of the company is all the CIS countries, Eastern Europe, Asia, and North Africa. The company was established in 1870, and today it has 280 employees.

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