Mothers of the soldiers came to Hrushevskogo Street to dismantle barricades (Photo)

Several dozens of women wearing shirts with the inscription that says "mothers of soldiers" begun to dismantle barricades in Hrushevskogo Street.

According to our correspondent, women removed all small wooden crosses, which were installed in front of barricades. They brought with them a large poster with the inscription "Mothers of soldiers of defenders of the Fatherland".

The rally was peaceful, women went up Hrushevskogo Street.

Mass unrest began on January 19 in Hrushevskogo Street after the internal troops and Berkut blocked Hrushevskogo Street for protesters, who were moving towards Verkhovna Rada.

On January 21 the most severe since the beginning of protest clashes of protesters and police happened. Law enforcement authorities report about three people who died during clashes of protesters.

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