Triple blocking: Activists, who are blocking the supermarket Epicentre in Lvov, were blocked

At night on February 9 activists, who were blocking approaches to the supermarket Epicentre, were blocked by five trucks of delivery service of Epicentre. Activists, who came to help, blocked the trucks.

According to Gal-info, 40 activists were trapped.

According to the deputy of Lvov City Council Markian Lopachak, approximately ten vehicles of local activists arrived to the place of the incident, which in their turn blocked the trucks.

"Officers of the traffic police, who work on the place of the incident do not react to the question of the people's deputy Yuriy Mikhalchishyn regarding the blocking of the traffic, that is why the situation remains unclear," Markian Lopachak noted. The traffic jam disappeared due to mutual agreement.

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