Movie dedicated to the poet Olga Bergholz will be shown in Kharkov

The co-chairperson of the organization committee of the International Film Festival Kharkov Lilac Victoria Marenich reported that on February 15 the movie Leningradka will be demonstrated in the cinema theater Bommer in the framework of the festival Kharkov Lilac.  The movie is dedicated to the soviet poet and prosaist Olga Bergholz. The movie was shot in 2011, on the studios Lennauchfilm.

"We dedicated demonstration of the movie to the Day of the call off the Leningrad Blockade Presentation of the movie Leningradka and a meeting with authors of the movie will take place in the framework of the project Kharkov Lilac P.S in the cinema theater Bommer," Victoria Marenich said.

The director of the Department noted that in April the listeners of the School of a Young Journalist affiliated with the Department of Mass Communication will meet with the Kharkov resident, the daughter of one of the creators of tanks T-34 Larisa Vasilieva.

"The kids will be able to visit our remarkable Kharkov resident Larisa Vasilieva, who is an idea inspirer of the museum, dedicated to the legendary tank T-34 in the vicinities of Moscow. The young correspondents will visit the museum, will be able to study its exhibits, to evaluate an excellent exposition," Victoria Marenich noted.

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