Ukrainians were not qualified in the ski sprint

All of our athletes remained outside the top thirty. The best skier of the national team of Ukraine Marina Antsibor took the 34th place. The skier Ruslan Perekhoda is the 50th.

The hope of the national team of Ukraine in ladies skating sprint Marina Antsibor was not amongh the 30 best athletes. She lagged behind the leader 8.5 seconds. Our Katerina Serdyk took the 45th place. The third Ukrainian Marina Lisogor fell on one of the turns and lagged behind the leader more than 20 seconds, and took the 58th place.

Ukrainian skiers failed as well. Ruslan Perekhoda was the 50th on the finish. Aleksey Krasovskiy also fell and spent precious seconds. The Ukrainian skier lagged behind the leader more than a minute. There were a lot of falls on the track. Least lucky was the Chinise athlete Xu Wenlong. He was injured, after hitting against the rink board.

Maiken Caspersen Falla was the fastest during the qualifying start among women. And her compatriot Ola Vigen Hattestad was the best among men. The quarterfinals will start soon on the skiing track. Ukrainians will not participate.

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