Kharkov plane hijacker faces up to 10 years in prison

Kharkov plane hijacker faces up to 10 years in prison

Kharkov resident Artem Kozlov, who tried to hijack on February 7 a plane en route Kharkov-Istanbul, has been transferred to the Istanbul prison. He is charged with an attempted terrorist attack and attempted hijack of the plane.

The prisoner was visited by representatives of the Consulate General of Ukraine. “He is still very agitated. Clearly inadequate reaction to everything. Now he wants to meet with representatives of the consulate, now he doesn’t. We couldn’t get a coherent conversation with him. He still curses all the presidents and wants to go home. Says, I’m OK with jailing, but only at home,” said Sergei Korsunsky, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey.

According to the ambassador, so far it is unknown whether Kozlov will get a psychiatric examination, but his condition is a concern. “According to my colleagues who met with him, his eyes were like made of glass,” said Korsunsky. Artem’s mother says that her son had recently been very hectic.

Ukrainian diplomats are going to seek Kozlov extradition, but it is unknown in what country he will be judged. “There were cases when Ukrainians received long sentences for violations of Turkey laws, but were serving their sentences at home. There are procedures,” said the Ambassador. In Turkey Kozlov faces up to 7 years’ imprisonment, in Ukraine - up to 10 years.

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