Today Ukraine might get a second medal in biathlon

Today Ukraine might get a second medal in biathlon

Also on February 11 Ukrainians hope for victories for skiers, skaters and lugers.

Of course, our main medal hopes are associated with women's biathlon. Here, pursuit race is expected. Ukrainian Vita Semerenko will leave for the track a third - 22 seconds after the sprint champion Anastasiya Kuzmina of Slovakia and only 2 seconds behind Russia's Olga Viluhina. Valya Semerenko has a good chance for a medal, too. She will start 12th, with a delay of 38 seconds. It is quite real to eliminate this delay over the 10 km distance and the four fire ranges. There is much less chance to catch up for Yelena Pidgrushna, whose delay at the start is one minute and six seconds. Another Ukrainian, Yulia Jima, has almost 2 minutes offset. The pursuit race will begin at 17:00.

In the first half of the day, at 12:00, the selection will start in the women's freestyle ski sprint. Out of 67 athletes, 3 will represent Ukraine. Ukrainians put their bets mainly on Marina Antsibor, bronze winner of the 5 km race and a champion in the relay competition in on the last year's Universiade. Other Ukrainian athletes are Katerina Lisogor and Marina Serdyuk. 25 minutes after the girls we will finally watch our men skiers, Ruslan Perehod and Alexei Krasowski.

At 17:00, the program specifies competition of pairs in free-style figure skating. Here, Ukraine is represented by Yulia Lavreneva and Yuri Rudyk.

At 17:30, our lugers, Elena Shkumova and Elena Stetskiv, will get back on the track. They have no chance for medals anymore. Ukrainian women-athletes will try to stay within the top-twenty list.

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