A giraffe was killed in the zoo because of impossibility to find a couple

A giraffe was killed in the zoo because of impossibility to find a couple

Despite of public outrage, a giraffe was killed and his carcass was cut in front of visitors of the zoo in Denmark. Bureaucracy hampered to arrange its destiny in another way.

Management of the Copenhagen zoo undertook extreme measures to prevent crossbreeding of giraffes within one species. It was decided to kill the one-and-a-half-year-old he-giraffe called Marius, which was born in the result of incest.

Animal advocates tried to protect the giraffe. 5,000 signatures in his support were gathered in several hours in Facebook, but anyway the young and healthy giraffe was killed in public and used to feed other animals.

The giraffe became a victim of bureaucracy. According to the rules of the European Association of Zoos, the genes of this male are already represented in the population of giraffes of the Danish zoo, therefore, it has no right for crossbreeding. 300 zoos in Europe either have his blood relatives, or there are no conditions to accept the animal. The Yorkshire zoo and another zoo in Sweden were ready to accept the animal; however, it is prohibited by the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums to transfer the animal to other institutions that are not members of the association.

According to BBC Danes refused to castrate the giraffe because of fear of "unfavorable effects."

The giraffe was shot from the air gun with the slide-out shock rod. Usage of soporific drugs or poisonous substances would spoil the meat, which was used to feed the predators.

The giraffe Marius died at a very young age 18 months. Usually giraffes live 30-35 years. Management of the zoo receives threats from radical advocates of animals since Monday.

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