Obama has an affair with Beyonce

Obama has an affair with Beyonce

The photo evidence will be produced the audience on February 11. The paparazzo Pascal Rostain, who previously proved by his pictures unfaithfulness of the President of France François Hollande to his civil wife Valérie Trierweiler, made compromising pictures of Obama.

According to him on February 11 the American newspaper The Washington Post is going to publish the material on this topic. "A big scandal is brewing in the United States. The relationship between President Barack Obama and the singer Beyonce is assumed. I may assure you that the world will talk about it," the photographer stated to the magazine ELLE. However, this information was not confirmed by other sources.

Dni.ru informs that in the end of last December tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER announced about the crisis in the family of the American President. "Their marriage is doomed. Barak and Michelle had difficulties in their relations for many years. They stayed together only for the sake of their daughters and their political career. However, Michel became tired of it. She attended the family law attorney and told Barak that she wanted to live without him," the source, close to the family of the American leader, informed the publication.

Herewith, Michelle Obama will remain in the White House till the end of the term of her husband, the source adds. However, she gave to understand that she would live separately.

The last straw for the spouse of the President of the United States was the behavior of her husband at the funeral of Nelson Mandela, who made the joint photo with the Prime Minister of Denmark Helle Thorning-Schmidt. The American leader was laughing and flirting with the 46-year-old Danish politician throughout the ceremony. Judging from the pictures of Michelle Obama, who also attended the funeral of the former President of South Africa, she was very disappointed.

Also, according to the publication, Barack Obama's behavior in the Republic of South Africa outraged Americans so much that during the last days the White House was overwhelmed with the angry letters in the address of the President and with letters of support addressed to his wife.

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