Money from Automaidan donations were spent on a laptop Apple by Bulatov, - Police

The police say that on the eve of the disappearance of Dmitry Bulatov, the leader of the Automaidan, he bought a laptop model of Apple cost UAH 28 thousand. The laptop has ITunes content 39 dollars cost. For the purchases Bulatov paid by card on the account of which Automaidan donations were kept. About this Oleg Tatarov, Deputy chief of the investigation Department of the MIA of Ukraine, informed.


«On the eve of Bulatov’s disappearance on January 21 of this year, he came to the computer shop and bought an expensive laptop Apple nearly UAH 28 thousand. For a purchase, according to the investigation, he paid by a credit card, on which there were donations to support Avtomaidan participants», Tatarov said.

He also added that «in 2 days after the disappearance, January 24, there was a calculation made of the same card at the online Apple Upstore». Payment in the amount of USD 39 entered for downloading music was taken out.


«Now, we have to find out, where it is and where it loaded the music», Tatarov said.


Earlier January 22, it was reported of the kidnapping the leader of Automaidan. Within 8 days police diligently tried to find missing Bulatov. January 30 Bulatov was found with bruises, numerous wounds in the village of Vyshenky, Boryspil district. The police on the abduction and beating of Bulatov has opened criminal proceedings.


Recall, earlier Dmitry Bulatov appeared to be a suspect by the fact of mass disorders (article 294 of the Criminal Code).

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