The Dutch take whole podium in speed skating again

The Dutch take whole podium in speed skating again

Michel Mulder confirmed that he is the best sprinter in the world, winning the 500m race. Silver and bronze also went to the Dutch, Jan Smekkens and Ronald Mulder.

Again, representatives of the Netherlands national team again took the whole podium in speed skating. This time, the “flying” Dutchmen conquered the 500-metres track. In the first race, the fastest was Jan Smekkens. But he received only silver medal. By the sum of two attempts, the winner was his compatriot Michel Mulder. His twin brother, Ronaldo, received bronze medal. From the start of the Olympics, the Dutch have won seven out of nine medals awarded in speed skating.

Several Russian athletes run in the 500m race, too. But Russians Denis Koval, Dmitry Lobkov and Artem Kuznetsov didn’t even make it to the top ten. Ukrainians weren’t running this race.

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