Charles Hamelin is the fastest on 1.5 mile short-track

Charles Hamelin is the fastest on 1.5 mile short-track

The skater brings Canada the second gold medal in 2014 Olympics. Silver given to the Chinese Tianyu Han, while Russian Viktor An is the third.

Today, short-track (a kind of skating) competitions kicked off at Sochi Olympics. The athletes run the track slightly over than 110 meters long, rather than a 400-meter circle. Usually the track is placed on a standard hockey rink. Men teams were first to contest for the first set of awards in the short track at the 2014 Olympics. They competed on the 1,500 meters distance. In the final race, the fastest was Charles Hamelin from Canada. The second to cross the finish line was athlete from China Tianyu Han. Russian Viktor An lost to him only 0.007 of a second. The Russian skater brought the hosts the fifth Olympic medal. Now the Russian team boasts one gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals.

Ukrainians did not participate on this short-track distance.

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