More than 100 ambulances will be allocated to Kharkov region this year

More than 100 ambulances will be allocated to Kharkov region this year

This year Kharkov region will receive more than 100 vehicles of emergency medical assistance. According to the deputy chairman of Kharkov Regional State Administration Igor Shurma, it will increase the speed and quality of rendering medical assistance.

According to the vice-governor, in order to improve the work of ambulance teams the vehicles were equipped with the navigation systems. As a result, an ambulance arrives to the destination on average in 7.5 minutes after the call in Kharkov and less than in 18 minutes in the districts of the region.

"Another important issue is the material and technical resources. First of all it is what the doctor or the medical assistant has when he/she goes to the patient. The second year in a row we receive from the state a subvention in the amount of $12 million. And today each ambulance team of doctors and medical assistants is 100% provided with medicines, with which they render free medical assistance provided by protocols of the Ministry of Health," Shurma stressed.

He noted that another important condition of a stable operation is timely payment of wages to medical personnel. According to Shurma, doctors and medical personnel receive bonuses in the amount of 40%. Ambulance drivers also have corresponding bonuses.

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