The price of gasoline is growing in Ukraine

The price of gasoline is growing in Ukraine

According to the consulting group A-95 with the reference to the data of the operational price monitoring, the prices for automobile fuel went up in Ukraine. It happened, as was expected by the consumers of the market, due to reduction of the exchange rate of hryvna.

In particular, networks working under the brands Ukrnafta and Alpha-Nafta raised prices of all the positions by 10 kopecks per 1 liter. On February 7 the network OKKO increased prices on all the basic positions by 9 kopecks per 1 liter: A-92 - up to 11.19 UAH/l, A-95 - up to 11.49 UAH/l, diesel fuel - 10.19 UAH/l. WOG increased prices by 10 kopecks per 1 liter for the petrol and diesel fuel up to the similar levels.

Other companies, including LUKOIL, for now limited with the price correction of the individual positions or in individual regions. So, for example, the cost of A-95 in the network LUKOIL grew by 5 kopecks per 1 liter up to 11.30 UAH/l, the price of diesel fuel  - by 6 kopecks per 1 liter up to 9.95 UAH/l, herewith, that the price of A-92 remained at the level of February 6 - 10.95 UAH/l. Shell maintained its original retail prices for A-95 and diesel fuel - 11.09 and 10.19 UAH/l, respectively, but increased the price of A-95 by 10 kopecks per 1 liter up to 11.49 UAH/l.

As a whole, since the beginning of the week retail prices for gasoline increased by 7-14 kopecks per 1 liter.

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