United People's Front created in Ukraine

United People's Front created in Ukraine

Ukrainian citizens, outraged by the events recently taking place in the country, by riots in the capital and on the streets, as well as by interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine from Western politicians, unite to demonstrate their will. Recently in the Crimea several organizations created the United People's Front of Ukraine.

The Memorandum on the establishment of the Crimean United People's Front of Ukraine

Events happening in Ukraine in the last few months are the result of unwise decisions of the government. Three years ago, a single nation elected the President of Ukraine, entrusting him to represent their interests. And since the President called himself “the father of the nation”, his decisions should be made in the interest of every citizen of Ukraine. The President failed to make such decisions.

Wrong decisions have led to extremism in the country, fascist organizations entering the political arena, open eagerness to power of politicians and elites who undermine the economy of Ukraine and act in own business interests. At the same time, everyone has forgotten about people.

Our goals:

- Prohibit actions of all extremist and fascist organizations on the territory of Ukraine (the fascism is banned worldwide);

- To resume dialog at all levels between the society and the government to form a civil society;

- To prevent the collapse of the state that could happen from violations of territorial integrity principle of international law;

- To develop cooperation with the brotherly nations of Belarus and Russia within the framework of a single spiritual, political and economic space.

UPFU tasks:

- Unification of all fronts and organizations, citizens, acting for the preservation of a unified Ukraine, observance of laws on its territory, the preservation of the rights and freedoms of its citizens. We invite to join our front all those who are against the radical and extremist actions for declaration of any claims that lead to a chaos in the country and push different groups of Ukrainians to confrontation;

- Protection of Ukrainian citizens from attempts on their life, liberty and rights. We believe that our country, Ukraine, should be a strong state; there are all the resources and capabilities for this;

- Moving away from irresponsible and inconsiderate entry of Ukraine into the alliance with European countries. We hold that the course on signing the EU Agreement, propagated by certain political elites of Ukraine, means retraction of Ukraine and its people into the sphere of political and economic servicing of European interests and the complete loss of economic sovereignty of Ukraine. We remind you that today, it is not a secret that a number of countries that a few years earlier signed the EU agreement are now in a state of a profound crisis. Spanish, Portuguese, Romania, Bulgaria, Greek people and others are experiencing economic difficulties both on foreign and domestic markets. Unemployment for under-30 y.o.is on average 15%. First sexual relationships start at the age of 12, first drug-taking - at the age of 10.

Since the signing of the EU Agreement is still considered open, we demand from the President and the Ukraine’s parliament, in strict accordance with article 69, section 3 of the Constitution of Ukraine, to hold a referendum on the future of the country (integration with the EU or the CU).

(Article 69. Population declares its will through elections, referendum and other forms of direct democracy)

- A ban on propaganda of alien to our people “European values”, which in our society, in all ages were considered as flawed and unacceptable: homosexuality and gay marriages, paedophilia and others so persistently and dogmatically imposed on us by the West;

- Maintaining a single civilizational space that unites historically and spiritually interconnected countries and peoples. Centuries-old historical and spiritual ties between the Slavic, Turkic and other peoples who have historically inhabited the territory of the Eurasia, should be maintained and strengthened;

- We believe it is necessary to defend our right to combine efforts of the peoples historically inhabiting the territory of Ukraine and the brotherly countries into a single political, economic and spiritual community;

- We consider it appropriate and positive for Ukraine to enter the Customs Union and the Eurasian Union, so as to strengthen the position of Ukraine, to preserve its territorial integrity and to increase the economic sovereignty of the country as a strong state.

Ukraine is a single state!

The authority should serve the people!

Public organization “Pravoe Delo” headed by Kozyura V.O. announces the creation of the United People's Front of Ukraine and urges all concerned citizens, public organizations and parties to unite.

Coordinating Council of the United People's Front of Ukraine:

Public organization “Pravoe Delo”, Kozyura V.O.

Public organization “Center for Slavic martial arts”, Kozlov A.P.

Crimean Republican public youth organization “Union of Youth from Regions of Ukraine”, Vlasov A.V.

Public youth organization “Karting Club”, Tyshchenko V.V.

Public organization “Union of Cossacks”, Stepanov B.G.

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