The Right Sector is mobilizing

One of the leaders of the movement the Right Sector Dmitriy Yarosh called to prepare for mobilization.

"Having set a goal of victorious ending of the revolution, the Right Sector agreed for the truce. We offered our script of solution of the situation in the country. However, the majority of our requirements were not fulfilled adequately," Yarosh stated on his web page in Facebook.

He noted that "the regime continues to release hostages, but makes it very slowly; their "measure of restraint" is only changed, they are not exempted from criminal liability," and therefore the Right Sector is not obliged to continue the truce.

"As long as the release of the hostages continues, we will try not to resort to the active actions, however, we give no guarantees," he said.

"We call on the opposition, self-defense, Automaidan, Afghan war veterans, and all the protesters to prepare for a nationwide mobilization with the prospect of further blocking of the government. We must be ready in the nearest future to completely block the work of the central bodies of the regime. We speak with the regime the language, which it understands, the language of force," Yarosh stated.

The regime of truce is in force on Maidan for a few weeks already - the parties hold positions in Hrushevskogo Street and take no actions.

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