An unknown person "mined" the train Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk

According to the department of public relations of the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), an unknown man informed the police about mining of the train Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk. The information turned out to be false. 7 trains were checked to make sure about it.

The man called police emergency number 102 of Znamenka MVD of Kirovograd region and informed that there would be an explosion on the train Kiev-Dnepropetrovsk. He did not inform the number of the train.  The police checked all the trains of the specified direction on the territories of service of the transport line departments of Kiev-Passenger and Darnitsa. The information turned out to be false.

"In this period 6 trains were in the storage yard and were preparing for the trip; therefore, only the railway employees were evacuated from them. The crime scene investigation team was waiting for the arrival of the seventh, the last train, on Darnitsa station," the public relations sector informs. "Cynologists with the working dogs and the workers of the bomb squad were involved in the thorough examination."

Explosive devices and substances were not detected.

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