The first Ukrainian medal in Sochi: the bronze of Vita Semerenko

The first Ukrainian medal in Sochi: the bronze of Vita Semerenko

Anastasiya Kuzmina remains the best in sprint the second Olympics in a row. The Russian Olga Vilukhina won the silver medal. The Ukrainian Vita Semerenko is the third.

Today the biathlonists had to cover 7.5 km with a stop at the 2 firing lines. During the distance Anastasiya Kuzmina was the best. The athlete from Tyumen, who is in the national team of Slovakia, did not miss and was one of the best while skiing. The winner of the silver medal in sprinting, the Russian Olga Vilukhina, lost almost 20 seconds to Kuzmina. The Ukrainian national team won the bronze medal in this race. Vita Semerenko shot 0 and came to the finish with the lagging 22 seconds behind the leader. Her sister Valya Semerenko came to the finish lagging 38 seconds and remained outside of ten. There was a special hope in the sprint for Elena Pidgrushna.  She is the world champion at this distance. But the Ukrainian missed one time and lost a lot while skiing. Finally she lagged behind the leader for more than a minute. The pursuit will take place on February 11. The athletes will start with the today’s lagging behind the leader. They will have 10 kilometers and 4 firing points to catch up with Anastasiya Kuzmina.

The brother of Anastasiya Kuzmina Anton Shipulin is in the national team of Russia. Yesterday he also had excellent chances to win in the sprint, but he missed the last shot, taking only the fourth place.

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