Kharkov plane hijacker demanded release of Maidan prisoners

Kharkov plane hijacker demanded release of Maidan prisoners

Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraine in Kharkov region initiated pre-trial investigation into the threat of a terrorist attack by the aircraft passenger on Kharkov-Istanbul route, says the head of the Chief Investigation Department of the SSU Maxim Lenko.

According to him, during the flight the passenger attempted to break into the cockpit, demanding to turn the plane to Sochi, where, he said, “Putin and Yanukovych, whose hands are covered in blood”. Also he demanded the release of all detained “hostages in Ukraine”. “In case of non-compliance, the passenger threatened to blow up the plane,” said Lenko.

SBU confirmed that the statement of explosives on board of the plane on the route Kharkov-Istanbul was made by Kharkov resident born in 1969, who was extremely intoxicated.

The aircraft is a property of Pegasus Airlines.

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