US athlete is the first Olympic champion

First set of medals has already been played on the winter Olympics. Slopestyle finals competition was won by a US snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg.

The rider from the US took his time to reach finals - after qualifying, he had to compete in the semi-finals, where Kotsenburg was not the best. But in the final he nailed it from the first attempt. Judges gave the US snowboarder 93.50 points. The second place went to Norwegian Sandbeh Staal - his combination of feats the judges market at 91.75 points in total. The bronze went to Canadian Maxence Parrot. Ukrainians did not participate in this competition. Russian Alexey Sobolev took 20th place. This year slopestyle makes a debut at the Olympics.

Another 97 gold medals will be looking for their respective owners over the two weeks of winter Olympics. Three sets will be awarded today. Ukrainians will compete for awards in women's and men's biathlon skiing.

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