Marit Bjoergen wins the first ski race of the 2014 Olympics

Marit Bjoergen wins the first ski race of the 2014 Olympics

Norwegian athlete was fastest in the skiathlon (7.5+7.5 km). This medal is her fourth Olympic gold.

Skiathlon was the first ski race of the Olympics. There was 61 athlete at the start line. The first 7.5 kilometers the skiers run in classical style, then changed to a ridge running. Main favorites of the race were the Norwegian athletes, in particular the triple Olympic champion Marit Bjoergen. This season, they occupy the first three places in the overall World Cup in ski races.

From the start, the Norwegians joined the leading group. They were followed by Poland’s Justina Kowalczyk, Swedish athlete Charlotte Kalla and two Finnish athletes. After the first half of the race, five skiers broke away from the rest - Norwegians Teresa Yohaug, Marit Bjoergen, Heidi Weng, Swedish athlete Charlotte Kalla and Aino-Kaisa Saarinen, Finland. For a long time, they run in a tight group. However, a couple of kilometres from the finish, Sharlona Calle tried to break away from the group. Only Marit Bjoergen was able to follow - the three-time Olympic champion suffered for a while behind the Swede and gave a strong finish, winning her their first golden medal in Sochi. Charlotte Kalla finished second. The third position on the podium was taken by Teresa Yohaug from Norway. Valentina Shevchenko was the best of Ukrainian team. She completed the race 27th, two minutes 17 seconds behind the winner.

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