The West appreciates Sochi Olympics opening show

The West appreciates Sochi Olympics opening show

The Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi was a powerful and colorful action, write several Western media outlets.

“The ceremony was magnificent, as predicted, as spacious as Russia itself, each of its classic episodes was memorable,” writes Italian “Repubblica”.

The newspaper notes that “solemnity” of the show contrasted with the “frivolous” character of London opening ceremony in 2012.

British "Times" emphasizes that on the opening ceremony Russia showed “a fiery-red spectacle”.

Reporter Ian Chadband of the British “Daily Telegraph” writes that Russia sent the audience into “breathtaking visual journey through the history of the country”.

Jonathan McEvoy, a journalist from the “Daily Mail” newspaper also speaks highly of the ceremony.

“For Russia, this night marked a revival as a center of influence of the post-Soviet period. After two decades of doubt and depression, the country is now confident that its place is at the high table,” he writes.

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