Ministers of Ukraine and Russia agreed to cooperate in sports

Sports Ministers of Russia and Ukraine Vitali Mutko and Ravil Safiulin met during Sochi Olympics to sign an agreement on cooperation in sports and physical culture.

Draft agreement specifies exchange of sports delegations, joint sporting events in Olympic and non-Olympic sports, joint trainings on sports bases in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the exchange of experience in athletes training for Olympics and the World Games in non-Olympic sports, other multi-sport events, as well as the development of Paralympics and Deaf Olympic Games.

“We have a common system of training with Ukraine, for many years we had same training centers and bases, same methodology,” noted Mutko, adding, “We have a lot in common, strong sports institutions. They had one of the leading institutes in the USSR, now in Ukraine there is a whole educational direction in physical education and sports, organized system of team management. In the use of bases and training centers, we can help each other. In the near future we will define a clear action plan.”

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