Victoria Nuland: US will give no money if Ukraine does not reform

Victoria Nuland: US will give no money if Ukraine does not reform

Deputy Secretary of the US Department of State said that the financial assistance from the US and the EU will be provided only after Ukraine commits itself to reform.

“Nobody in the US or the IMF or Europe is going to provide economic support to Ukraine if the country remains unreformed,” said Nuland.

The main conditions for financial assistance from the US to Ukraine, according to Nuland, are the immediate settlement of the political conflict, respect for human rights, political reform, new Cabinet.

Despite the recent accusation of Russia in eavesdropping on “diplomatic” talks with US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette and publishing the data, Nuland said the US held talks with Russia on the situation in Ukraine, and the common position was such that US, Russia, and Europe are to a democratic Ukraine.

US State Department official also noted that the US is interested to support of all the key players in Ukraine who want to implement a Constitutional reform.

According to her, the Constitutional reform is highly necessary for a national unity government to be credible with all international partners as the new government will have to renew economic prosperity and ensure the safety of all citizens of Ukraine.

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