20,000 Kharkov phones are down due to a failure

20,000 Kharkov phones are down due to a failure

On February 7, there was a failure on Ukrtelecom facility at Lopatinsky Lane in Kharkov, informed Deputy Director of the Kharkov Ukrtelecom Directorate Vladimir Krikun. According to the specialist, central heating pipe burst on the third floor of the building and water flooded the lower floors with automatic telephone equipment. Automatic switch turned off the equipment, but some units did get broken.

According to the Krikun, the failure forced Ukrtelecom to stop telephone exchange No. 21 on Kirov Street (serves 10,000 subscribers), inter-city telephone exchange (5,000 clients) and telephone exchange in the Lopatinsky Lane building (6,000 clients).

Krikun noted that tonight the restoration work should be completed in full. Currently Ukrtelecom pays special attention to provision of communications for strategic facilities such as hospitals, state offices.

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