Today Ukrainians support skiers and biathletes

Today Ukrainians support skiers and biathletes

Four sets of medals will be up for grabs at the Sochi Olympics. Ukrainians will compete for medals in two disciplines. Also, lugers and figure skaters will try to get through the qualification screening.

First to compete will be the skiers. At 12:00 Kiev time, four Ukrainians will get on the track: Valentina Shevchenko, Tatiana Antipenko, Marina Ancibor, Katerina Grigorenko. They will have to run 15 kilometres. Half of the race will be held classical style, the second 7.5 km - in freestyle.

In the evening, at 16:30, starts the men's biathlon sprint. The Ukraine is represented by Andrei Derizemlya, Sergei Semenov, Artem Prima and Sergey Sednev. Sprint is a race with separate start at 10 kilometers and two shooting ranges.

Also, at 16:30 first luge races will start. Two Ukrainians will compete here, Andrei Kis and Andrei Manji. Continuation of the team competition in figure skating is scheduled for this time, too. The competition will include the short program of Ukrainian dance couple Siobhan Heekin-Canedy/Dmitry Dun’. The spectators will also be treated to Natalya Popova short program in the women's individual figure skating. After the first day of team competitions in figure skating, Ukraine team is in the second last, the ninth place. To continue the fight for the medals, our athletes need to get into the top five places.

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