Ukraine will be able to clear the debts only in 27 years

Ukraine will be able to clear the debts only in 27 years

The Ministry of Finance (Minfin) reflected on this topic: "What will happen if we stop to take loans." The calculations published by the Minfin showed that Ukraine need not less than 27 years, to pay back the loan debt, under the conditions that there are no new loans.

In this case, this and the following year Ukraine will have to pay 125.5 and 132.2 billion UAH. Up to 2020 we will have to pay about 40-100 billion UAH, and in the period from 2020 to 2030, one billion each year.

The easiest task for Ukraine will be to clear the debts of Russia; we could settle the debt by 2017. IMF is on the second place, the debt could be cleared by 2021, and by 2022 Ukraine could clear the loan of the Ministry of Agriculture provided by the USA.

In 2023 Ukraine could forget about the notion of internal and external bonds of State loan. In 2026, obligations to the EBRD would be fulfilled, in 2030 to the EIB, in 2035 to the Japan Bank of International Cooperation, in 2039 to the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development.

Unfortunately all of these calculations remain theoretical, since only this year Ukraine intends to take credits in the amount of $150 billion UAH.

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