The baton of the Olympic fire completed

The baton of the Olympic fire completed

On the last day the torch of the Olympic fire was carried by Vladimir Pozner, Nikolay Tsiskaridze, Yuri Bashmet and Mikhail Galustyan.

The fire of the Olympics 2014 was lit on September 29 in Olympia. The role of the goddess Hera in Greece was played by the actress Eleni Menegaki. In October the baton of the fire in Russia began. It has become the longest and the most lengthy in the history. In 123 days the torch traveled 65,000 kilometers. The fire of the Olympics visited in 135 cities, the top of Elbrus, the North Pole and the bottom of Lake Baikal.

The opening ceremony of the Olympics will finish by the ceremony of lighting the big bowl of the Olympic fire on the Fisht stadium this evening. We still do not know who will light up the main fire of the Olympics in Sochi. But the organizers of the ceremony already told us that fire will be lit by the torch that visited the space.

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