Netrebko will sing the anthem of the Olympics

Netrebko will sing the anthem of the Olympics

According to the director general of the First Channel Konstantin Ernst, the opera singer Anna Netrebko will perform the Olympic anthem at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.  The head of the First Channel also stated that the band t.A.T.u. will participate in the show.

"The band t.A.T.u.  is one of the few bands, which is well known in the world, although a large part of the ceremony is based on classical and symphonic music," Ernst said.

According to Ernst, the ceremony will begin on the Fisht stadium at 8:14 p.m. Moscow time and will last for two and a half hours. The president of Russia Vladimir Putin should announce the opening of the Olympics.

"The opening ceremony is a business card of the country, which, on the one hand should be rather simple and understandable, and on the other hand it should be artistic and metaphoric," the director general of the First Channel said.

According to Ernst the ceremony has 18 chapters. One of them will be devoted to the revolution of 1917.

"It will be presented in the sense of the avant-garde art, because the Russian avant-garde and revolution are very close notions. In fact, the avant-garde predicted the revolution, and subsequently in general the revolution killed the avant-garde," the head of the First Channel sated.

Ernst also confirmed the assumptions that the ceremony will have the reference to the Moscow Games in 1980.

"Of course, we have taken into account the things that we remember after the Olympic Games in 1980. In any case, everyone, who was in the conscious age in the Soviet Union, will forever have in their mind the picture of it," Ernst said.

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