CNN apologized for the Brest fortress

The editorial staff of CNN apologized for the fact that they enlisted the Belorussian monument Courage into the list of the world's ugliest monuments.

This statement is posted on the web site of the channel in the form of an amendment next to the material about the rating of monuments. According to the CNN did not review the rating.

"We realized that mentioning of the Brest fortress in our list insulted the inhabitants of Belarus," the statement says. The editorial staff stressed that the purpose of the list was just to introduce the readers the monuments from all over the world in the form of a joke.

The statement by CNN noted the importance of the monument for a great number of people, who remember the perished defenders of the fortress. At the same time, CNN did not remove the monument from the list of the ugliest constructions of the world.

The rating of the ugliest monuments of the world appeared on the web site of CNN on January 24. According to the UNIAN news agency, in addition to Courage, the list contains the monument of foundation of the North Korean Workers' Party, the sculpture of the Pope John Paul II in Rome, as well as the sculpture of Martin Luther King in Toledo.

The List caused outrage in the administration of the memorial complex Brest Hero Fortress, which called it blasphemous. Later deputies of the Russian State Duma criticized CNN and demanded official apology from the channel.

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