Zakharchenko: right radical groups are preparing the terrorist act

Zakharchenko: right radical groups are preparing the terrorist act

According to the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs Vitaliy Zakharchenko, published on the official web site of the ministry, according to the current information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, right radical groups are preparing terrorist act in Kiev.

The text of the appeal.

"Dear citizens!

The ongoing process of negotiating between the government and the opposition allowed partially removing tension in the society. There are no explosions and no blaze ups of Molotov cocktails in Hrushevskogo Street.

Many people have reconsidered the events and understand already that forceful option is the way to nowhere.

But not all people like tranquility. The right radical groups are planning to shatter peace and will not stop short at anything even at the act of terror.  The available operative information and the latest events in the House of the Trade Unions, where there was an explosion (possibly, during the manufacturing of the explosive device), are evidence of this.

Today is the day of opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, and malefactors will try to eclipse this event and draw attention to themselves and their requirements with their extremist actions.

Those who plan criminal acts should realize: the law enforcement authorities have enough opportunities to find them and bring them to criminal liability."

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