New Constitution will be adopted September the earliest - Yefremov

New Constitution will be adopted September the earliest - Yefremov

The Party of Regions believes that a new Constitution can be adopted no earlier than September, said the Party of Regions leader Alexander Yefremov during a briefing in parliament.

“To make things faster, we can take as a basis the developments that we already have. But in any case, according to the law it is the September. Can’t be done faster. We will not cheat people. We do not have that right. If someone tries to do it faster - it wouldn’t be legitimate,” said Yefremov.

At the same time, Yefremov noted that the Party of Regions faction in the Ukrainian parliament is ready to sign the constitutional declaration, if necessary.

"Today we have confirmed this. You want to adopt a Constitutional declaration - let’s adopt it. Now the session will continue, and we are ready to do it again. In this formula, you can inscribe our movement for amendments to the Constitution and the basic messages that will be there,” he said.

According to Yefremov, not all opposition factions are ready to support such approach - in particular, he said, the Udar faction of Vitali Klitchko is against adopting such an instrument.

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