Glazyev: America spends $ 20 million a week to arm rebels

Glazyev: America spends $ 20 million a week to arm rebels

Sergey Glazyev, the RF President adviser, accused the United States in a transfer of funds on training and arming of the rebellion participants.


«According to our data, American sources spend $20 million a week on financing, the opposition and the rebels, including their weapons. There is information that on the territory of the American Embassy militants trained to use arms,» Glazyev said in an interview.


Glazyev to substantiate his point of view provided observations on the absolute certainty in Congress that Ukraine will sign an Association agreement. With this purpose the government of the United States not only verbally supports the opposition, but also takes strong steps to implement their plans.


«Of course, this is unacceptable, it has to be changed. American Ambassador Jeffrey Payette in a recent interview expressed the crime as the triumph of democracy and mass illegal actions were covered as the maxims of human rights. But the most curious thing is that Ambassador confidently said that Ukraine will sign an Association agreement, as if he, but not the leadership of Ukraine resolves this issue. And it is already decided not to sign this unnatural agreement, because this document leads to a catastrophe,» Glazyev said.


At the same time, the politician is sure that the agreement has a very low chance of being initialled, because it contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine.


«For example, a project of the Association agreement provides the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court for the adoption by Ukraine, however, the Constitutional Court has already held that for this the basic law has to be changed. Your opposition, of course, can sign the agreement even without it, but the agreement in this case is illegitimate!» Glazyev noted.

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