The National Bank restricted buying currency

The National Bank restricted buying currency

According to the decree 49 «On measures concerning the activities of banks and foreign exchange operations», the National Bank of Ukraine provides temporary restrictions on the purchase of foreign currency on the foreign exchange market.

Limitations are also imposed on terms of purchase of currency on behalf of legal persons and physical persons-entrepreneurs. Why is that so?


The National Bank experiences panic. «Apparently, this is fear of the next «currency jumps» in the context of political instability and of the potential presidential elections», believes Igor Davidenko, Director of the Department of the Treasury operations of JSC «BROKBUSINESSBANK».


General Director of Association «Ukrainian credit-banking Union» (UCBU) Galina Olifer does not exclude the possibility of a deficit of currency on the market.


Limitations of the decree is compensated by the establishment of the zero rate of reserve requirements on short-term external credits.

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