India has simplified the visa regime for Ukraine

India has simplified the visa regime for Ukraine

Ukraine joined the list of 180 countries, to which India has simplified the visa regime. A new procedure of obtaining a visa will be implemented through the Internet.


The tourist should submit an electronic visa application at least three days before the trip. On arrival to the country a verification of biometric data of immigrant visa will be carried out and… a visa is yours for 30 days! The new rules enter into force in September, 2014, reported by The Economic Times in India.


A visa is valid for 30 days, prolongation is not subjected. You can get such a visa only in 26 airports in India.


A number of countries, the residents of which will continue to apply for entry into India through the Embassy are as follows: Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iran and Iraq.


Earlier it was informed about the proposal to ban providing a simplified regime of immigration into India to residents of Ukraine. The proposition came from the European Parliament.

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