India has simplified the visa regime for Ukraine

Ukraine joined the list of 180 countries, to which India has simplified the visa regime. A new procedure of obtaining a visa will be implemented through the Internet.


The tourist should submit an electronic visa application at least three days before the trip. On arrival to the country a verification of biometric data of immigrant visa will be carried out and… a visa is yours for 30 days! The new rules enter into force in September, 2014, reported by The Economic Times in India.


A visa is valid for 30 days, prolongation is not subjected. You can get such a visa only in 26 airports in India.


A number of countries, the residents of which will continue to apply for entry into India through the Embassy are as follows: Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iran and Iraq.


Earlier it was informed about the proposal to ban providing a simplified regime of immigration into India to residents of Ukraine. The proposition came from the European Parliament.

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