Russian Tartar radicals stand on Euromaidan together with the Ukrainians

Tartar nationalists, who arrived from the Russian Volga territory and Siberia, joined the Ukrainian protesters. The new participants of the protests came from Naberezhnye Chelny and from different settlements of Tyumen region. It is known that, together with the Tatar nationalists from Tyumen region some "Ukrainians, who accepted Islam" also came (they went to this region for earnings in oil fields).

According to the Strategic Research Fund, the number of the Islamic radicals from Russia is currently 20 people. They started arriving to the territory of Ukraine in the beginning of January in small groups of 2-3 people.

"They decided to participate in Euromaidan in Kiev after the appeal of one of the leaders of the Tatar nationalists Rafis Kashapov. Earlier in the social networks on the pages of the Tatar nationalist organization Tаtаr Bоzqurd (which, in opinion of a number of Russian mass media, act with support of the authorities of the Republic of Tatarstan) the appeal of Rafis Kashapov was published. In his appeal Kashapov calls on Russians to follow the example of the protesters on Maidan in Kiev," the Fund reports.

According to Tatar nationalists who came from Russia, on January 26 some of them managed to participate in the attack of the Ukrainian House.  In opinion of the Tatar guests from Russia, the result of Euromaidan will be the fact that "our Crimean brothers with support of the EU will be able to create in the Crimea their national Tatar state, their Tatarstan."

"Today it is Ukraine, and tomorrow it will be Russia," tartar nationalists say. In their opinion, sooner or later Maidan will appear on the territory of the Russian Federation, and its result will be that fact that "the Republic of Tatarstan will get independence to which the Eastern Tatarstan will join" (that is how they call the oil-bearing Tyumen region, in which the Siberian Tatars live). "In Eastern Tatarstan all the Muslims are ready to support us: those who came from the Caucasus and Central Asia, as well as the Slavs who accepted Islam," young tartar nationalists share their hopes.

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