Füle called on to filter the radicals

According to the UNIAN news agency, the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Füle during his speech at the session of the European Parliament called on the Ukrainian opposition and protesters "to distance themselves from radical elements."

Štefan Füle called the decision to release the premises of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Agrarian Policy at the end of January "an example of responsible attitude on the part of the opposition".

At the meeting on February 5 the draft of the resolution on the situation in Ukraine was also promulgated. The document, voting for which is scheduled on February 6, has the call on the member-countries of the EU to prepare sanctions against the individual Ukrainian officials, the deputies of Verkhovna Rada and oligarchs, allegedly involved in the dispersal of the protesting camp on Maidan Nezalejnosti and in the deaths of activists.

The draft of the resolution also calls on Moscow "to stop excess pressure, aimed at undermining of the sovereign right of their neighbors to freely determine their future," and, at the same time, appeals to the countries of the EU, the USA, IMF, the World Bank, the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, the European Investment Bank with a request to continue the preparation of the package of the long-term financial support of Ukraine. Addressing Kiev, the appeal notes that that any violent dispersal of the demonstrators will have "serious international consequences."

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