The Order of Malta is praying on Euromaidan

The Order of Malta is praying on Euromaidan

The Catholics of Malta opened the praying tent on Euromaidan.

In the tent, over which the flag with the Maltese cross is waving, the aids are given out, which are called The Prayer Book of a Revolutionary. Five steps to achieve spiritual victory in Ukraine".

According to the periodical Ukrainian Truth, one of these steps stipulates to forgive the enemies:

"In the name of Jesus Christ we condone ... the current authorities for the violence, lies, abuse, murders and tortures ... In Your holy name we pray about the authorities, the police, judges and prosecutors, about everyone who did evil to us."

It is also suggested "to give the life of people under the Cover of the Virgin."

In this regard the example of the Soviet Union is given, which, in the opinion of the authors of the booklet, allegedly "collapsed without bloodshed" by the prayers of John Paul II at the personal request of the Virgin: "When it was done by the Pope John Paul II in 1984 perestroika began in a year in the Soviet Union, which ended with the collapse of the powerful totalitarian regime without bloodshed."

The Order of Malta (the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta) positions itself as the state as well. It has diplomatic relations with 104 states and the status of the observer in UN. The Order issues its own passports, prints its own currency, stamps and issues vehicle identification numbers.

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