Stop Maidan in the Crimea continues to rally: the auto race took place in Simferopol

Today the participants of all-Crimean non-political union Stop Maidan held the auto race along the main streets and squares of Simferopol. The column of vehicles drove with the flags "Stop Maidan", chanting “No to the violence of Maidan!".

According to the organizers of the rally, in such a way they are trying to draw attention of the maximum number of residents of the Crimea to the union: "This is a new form of our civil protest. This is the mobile rally, which is able to bring to the residents of Simferopol information that our movement exists and the goals that we are pursuing. In the future we will implement it on the territory of the whole Crimea."

The public union Stop Maidan will hold the rallies in support of the current government, against violence and escalation of extremism in the country daily till February 17.

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