Well-known residents of Kiev advocate stop of Euromaidan

Well-known residents of Kiev advocate stop of Euromaidan

More than fifty Kiev residents, famous and distinguished figures of science and culture, made statements on the pages of the weekly periodical 2000 with the appeal to the city dwellers to stop the Eurovandals.

"Dear Kiev residents, our ancient city is the dearest that have," the statement says, "We were born here, we studied and work here, here lived and worked our parents, who defended Kiev in the years of the Second World War, our children were born here. Our Kiev experienced wars and revolutions, which destroyed landmark buildings, art memorials, archives and museums. Didn't the history teach us anything?

In recent days the National Art Museum, the National Parliamentary Library, the building of the Social Sciences of the National Academy of Sciences, and particularly the Institute of Ukrainian Literature, the  Dynamo stadium named after Valeriy Lobanovskiy, the Ukrainian House (here there was an attempt to steal the funds the Kiev museum) have already suffered.

Maidan Nezalezhnosty and Kreshchatyk, Museum Lane with its historical buildings and architectural monuments of the beginning of the twentieth century, the burned landscaping of the park in the beginning of Hrushevskogo Street and on the territory of the Dynamo stadium need extensive repairs. The environmental balance of all the green zone of the Dnepr slopes is damaged.

We need to stop vandalism!

Cruelty, violence and barbarism are able to destroy even the best idea.

The uproar of the revolution will be over, the confrontation will end, and the protesters from other cities will go home. And what will we have? We will have the destroyed city, the burned buildings, black from soot streets. WHO will be responsible for it and WHO will renew everything? How much time will it take to make our beautiful city again luminous and sunny? We call upon all Kiev residents to stop barbarism, not to allow seizure of public buildings, fires and arsons. Kiev residents, there is no excuse for vandalism! This is our city, this is our home. We are obliged to protect it."

The appeal was signed by more than 50 people, including the academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), the director of the Institute of Archeology of NASU, the head of the Ukrainian society of protection of monuments of history and culture Peter Tolochko, the People's Artist of Ukraine, the People's Artist of Russia Larisa Kadochnikova, the corresponding member of NASU, the academician of the National Academy of Medical Sciences Isaac Trakhtenberg, the honored artist of Ukraine Alexandr Boroday and many others.

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