Russia is concerned with gas debts of Ukraine

Russia is concerned with gas debts of Ukraine

Russia is concerned with the growing gas debt of Ukraine, but is looking forward to the fulfillment of all clauses of the existing agreements.

"We are very concerned with the growing debt for gas supplies. Gazprom has already stated that the debt is growing and growing very swiftly. We hope that the Ukrainian partners will comply with all of the clauses of the current agreement," the press secretary of the President Dmitriy Peskov declared in the air of the radio station Kommersant FM.

With regard to the continuation of rendering of the financial assistance, Peskov reminded the words of the President, who said that Russia was not going to review anything, because the assistance was provided to the people of Ukraine, caught in a difficult situation.

"But, of course, it will take some time before the new head of the government will explain in Moscow, to what extent the commitment to the earlier declared course is kept," he explained.

According to the press secretary of the President, Russia wants to understand, "that Kiev has a well-composed understanding of how and for what purposes these funds will be spent in future." Herewith, Peskov noted that Russia never required documenting it.

"No one took the written commitments from the Ukrainian partners, unlike the IMF and other international financial structures. Here we need just an elementary understanding of what will happen with these funds," the assistant of Putin added.

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