Ukraine and Russia will build ships together

Ukraine and Russia will build ships together

Ukraine will introduce the Russian colleagues the facilities of its enterprises in Kherson, Nikolayev, Feodosiya and Sevastopol. The tour of the shipbuilding cities will be held in the framework of the planned activation of cooperation of Ukraine with Russia in the civil and military shipbuilding.

During the meeting of the first deputy head of the Ministry of Industry of Ukraine Nikolay Evdokimenko with the deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation Alexey Rakhmanov, the parties discussed the issues of design of civil vessels, construction of double sided tankers of the river-sea class, as well as the opportunities of Ukrainian and Russian cooperation in construction of the equipment for the work on the shelf.

The press-service of the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine informs that the parties also considered the issues of modernization and repair of ships and vessels of the Navy of the Russian Federation, based on the territory of Ukraine on the terms of the inter-state agreements, and the construction of new ships and vessels.

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