Earthquake forecasting stations were closed in the Crimea

Earthquake forecasting stations were closed in the Crimea

Due to shortage of funds in the Ukrainian budget, the last two functioning hydrogeological stations in the Crimea stopped their operations from the beginning of the current year.

The budget lacks one million hryvnas for maintenance of the points of hydrogeological observations. "These are stationary facilities - wells with equipment, which measures the level of subsurface waters," explained the chair of the Crimean expert council on seismic hazard Bella Pustovitenko, "The measurements conducted at such facilities deliver the information on the level of tension in the crust. Together with the Crimean seismic stations the closed facilities used to assist the scientists with calculating the probability of earthquakes."

Komsomolskaya Pravda reports her saying that there were nine such facilities in the Crimea in total, but the state agency for geology and mineral resources of Ukraine cut the funding.

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