Kharkov’s Southern Railway Station cut off power (updated)

Kharkov’s Southern Railway Station cut off power (updated)

There is a smoke in the basement of Kharkov’s Southern Railway Station. No fire and no casualties have been reported. According to preliminary data, the smoke is due to a failure in the mains cable. Five fire trucks and firefighting command center arrived at the scene, the station has been de-energized.

People are evacuated from the storage and ticket office areas. The central hall of the station is opened for passengers but there is no light. Walkways to the platforms are also open but there are no trains since there is no electricity.

From 7pm trains to the Southern Station are being redirected. There is no information when the electricity will be fixed.

As of 10pm, the trains do not arrive or depart from the station. The reason for the smoke is damaged power cable under the 1st platform.

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