UN report: Syria children are sent to war, tortured, raped and murdered

More than 10,000 children have died in the war in Syria for the last 3 years. Children are combatants in military actions. When they are captured, other side tortures them with electricity, rapes, tears away the nails and burns the skin with a hot metal.

According to TV news service TSN with reference to The Huffington Post, this is stated in the UN report mentioned today by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

He argues that in Syria the children are tortured by both government troops and rebels. The UN has information that both sides recruit children under 18 years for war inside Syria and in neighboring countries.

“Many boys told UN staff that they felt a duty to join the opposition forces,” reads the statement.

It goes on to mention that children often do not survive the horrid tortures resorted to by the opposition and pro-government soldiers.

“Children are beaten with metal wires, whips, wooden or metal sticks. They are subjected to electric shocks, sometimes the torturers use electricity to hit their genitalia,, tear away the nails on hands and feet. They are raped or threatened with rape. Cigarettes are extinguished on their skin, they are deprived of sleep, their family is tortured in front of their eyes,” says the UN report.

According to the UN, nearly three years of war in Syria killed 100,000 people. Including 10,000 children.

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