Truth about Maidan rape case was concealed for two weeks

The response to the parliamentary inquiry on this case was given back on January 15, but circulated to the wide public only on February 5, when activities on the Maidan subsided somewhat.

On December 30, Kiev City Clinical Hospital No. 9 received a female resident of Bahmach city, Chernihiv region, born in 1980, who complained of rape. The woman claimed she was raped in a tent at EuroMaidan. She was examined by a gynaecologist, who did not confirm the rape.

Employees of the Interior Ministry found a man against whom the woman had a claim. It turned out that there was a quarrel between the two on the grounds of mutual relations. On this occasion, criminal case was not initiated. The information is stated in the official response signed by the Interior Minister to the request of People's Deputy Nicholai Palamarchuk.

On February 5, the response was published in “Ukrainska Pravda” newspaper and subsequently circulated by other media.

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