Today we will follow figure skating in Sochi

Today we will follow figure skating in Sochi

The competitions of the Olympic Games started. In the evening Ukrainian figure skaters will struggle for the awards of the Games.

The official opening ceremony for the Olympic Games will be held tomorrow. In the evening the fire of XXII Olympic Winter Games will be lit in Sochi. And competitions have already begun.

Now the snowboarders are competing in the slope style to get into the final. In the afternoon the qualifying competitions in mogul among the free stylers will begin. Ukrainians are not represented in these disciplines. But in the evening our athletes will compete for the medals in figure skating. In team competitions (this discipline is represented in the program of the Winter Olympics for the first time) a short program in the men's single skating will be presented by Yakov Godorozha.  A little bit later the Ukrainian couple Yuriy Rudyk/Yulia Lavrentieva will come to ice.

Competitions will begin at 3:30 p.m. and 5:10 p.m. Kiev time.

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